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Eliminate Stress

Millions of people suffer from stress every day.
In just 60 minutes you can learn to control and
eliminate the stress in your life.


School Stress

With millions of students in middle school, high school and college
dealing with stressful conditions daily, they need skills to cope.

Being able to handle stress can mean a better life, a much
richer school experience and even higher grades.


The Road to Peace

Fortunately, the road is short. It only takes an hour to learn the
skills to change your life.Within weeks, you will master the skills
to take control over your life.


Work Stress?

Work, careers, the economy, business ownership
and job hunts can drive anyone mad. How will you
survive? How will you get ahead?

CTRL Stress will teach you the skills to master
stress in your life.


Relax. Chill. No Stress.

Stressors are things that cause stress in your life. Learn to
break the link with stressors and take away their power.

10 Tips for Anxiety and Stress Relief. If you are suffering from stress and anxiety, knowing an effective stress control and elimination technique is essential to overcoming the effects of stress.

The effects of stress on your body and health are not all negative as many people believe. Stress does, in fact, have a good side to it and there are times when we welcome its presence.

Symptoms of stress are not to be taken lightly. In the same way that a car may give an indication of a problem by overheating, the human body will often give you early warning signs that all is not well.

Stress, surprisingly, is not just caused by what most people believe are bad things. On the contrary, it has been found that even good things, such as an impending wedding or a pregnancy, can cause stress.

Control Stress – Reduce Stress In Your Life Today

We are all plagued with stress in our lives. What sets people apart is how they handle stressful situations when they occur.
By listening to this brief one hour audio program, you will learn to control your stress, reduce its effects,
and eliminate your stressful responses to specific situations- so they don’t “push your buttons” anymore.
By learning the techniques in this 1 hour audio program, you will learn to control stress, eliminate your stressful associations
with certain events, and reduce the effects of stress when it occurs.

Control Stress Before Stress Controls You

Ongoing (chronic) and untreated stress is not only debilitating, it can destroy your health. Whatever the cause of your stress, the effects are real. Stress has a negative impact on your relationships, quality of life and even your life span, setting you up for increased risk of: Heart attack, Stroke, Cancer, and Diabetes. Fortunately, you can take action today and learn to control stress within 1 hour – and massively reduce the effect stress has on your life. While stress can be challenging, we teach you how to control your stress so that you don’t respond to it in a negative way.  Then we show you how to stop that situation from being a stressor for you, so it doesn’t bother you any more.

Family stress can be challenging. A spouse, parent, child or other loved one can create stress in your life. Some create greater stress with more frequency. In these situations, we teach you how to control stress by breaking your stressful association with many of their actions, reducing the overall stress you experience.

In this economy, anxiety in the workplace is rampant. Fear of losing your job, meeting your boss’ demands and satisfying your customers all compound stress. Your response to this stress can have a negative impact on your job performance and interactions with your co-workers. However, by controlling your response to a stressful situation and then eliminating that situation as a stressor for you, you can improve your work environment and let your relaxed and confident self shine through.

Unfortunately, we cannot waive a magic wand, giving you more cash. What we can do is help reduce the stress and anxiety you experience over money matters, giving you a happier and healthier life.  This enables you to do what needs to be done to address your financial issues.  The key?  Learning to control stress – and not letting it control you.

Meet Bill Tehoy

Bill Tehoy, an expert in stress management for more than 30 years, developed his control stress program for use in the comfort of your own home.  In this ground-breaking work Bill will teach you in less than 60 minutes, how to handle:

  • Work Stress
  • Financial Stress
  • Family Stress
  • Marital Stress
  • School Stress
  • Elder Care Stress
  • … and all other forms of Stress you may experience!

Rather than expensive therapy that can take months to years to produce results, he will teach you the skills you need – in less than 1 hour – to control stress and massively reduce or eliminate stress in your life – guaranteed!

Learn to Control Stress in
60 Minutes or Less

With our program, you will learn:

  • How to reduce or eliminate the stress associated with certain situations (such as tests, meetings, doctor visits, and more)
  • How to reduce or eliminate the impact of stress in unexpected situations
  • Cut stress from your every day life
  • Improve your overall well-being by reducing stress

Follow the link to the right to control and eliminate your stress. This program has an incredible 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. You have nothing to lose – except stress!

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