About Us

During the middle 1970′s, in the first part of my Master of Science program in Experimental Research Psychology, I was fortunate to meet Dr.Edmond Jacobson, PhD, at a conference in Chicago. He was a retired Harvard Physiologist who had created a way to teach people how to relax themselves without the use of drugs. He developed this methodology as a tool that he utilized in his research during the 1930′s. It worked fine, but the problem, from my point of view, was that it took him 16 weeks to teach someone how to do it.

My question to him was ‘How can I make this more user friendly?’ We communicated after the conference, and after several years and numerous Psychology 101 student/subjects, I came up with a tested program that I could teach in 1 hour.

After graduation, which was dependent upon my methodology working, I started on what would become years of work educating people about this non drug way to control their stress; while holding workshops and other jobs to pay the bills.

My Ctrl Stress program has been offered to: City bus drivers, human resource employees, Police, State Police, V.A Psychiatric nurses, church groups, breast cancer support groups, city Fire departments, University Wellness Programs and college students. Finally I realized that one person doing this was way too slow, considering the number of people suffering from stress today… so I went to the Internet and this site is the result.

My goal is to reach as many people as I can to help them learn a better, easy, natural way to control their stress and lead happier and healthier lives.