End the Pain and Suffering of Stress
in Just One Hour, Guaranteed!


So what’s the big deal about stress anyway? Well, if you’re human and breathing, you have probably experienced stress.

Every day, millions of people like you suffer from stress. You are not alone. If it’s so common, what’s the problem?


The Problem is that Stress Kills


… slowly.  It ages you from the inside out, so that when you’re 40, you feel and look older. Chronic stress causes inflammation and contributes to heart, cardiovascular disease, and diabetes.  It also makes you difficult to be around.

In spite of these dangers, millions of people suffer in silence while others look for solutions as they continue to struggle with their stress.

Every year in this country, we spend billions of dollars on pharmaceutical drugs to control stress symptoms.

Yet millions of people continue to suffer.


Forget the symptoms!

Treating symptoms doesn’t work.

But if you treat the response, the symptoms will go away.

There is hope.


Learn to Control Stress and Eliminate Your Symptoms and Pain


Millions of people across the country have learned to control their stress response and reduce the impact of stress on their lives.

They did not do this with a pill or magic, but by controlling their stress response using an easily learned skill that they can apply as their stress occurs.

Hi.  I’m Bill Tehoy, and for more than 40 years I have been helping people across the nation deal with stress by teaching them the easy-to-learn skills they need to manage their daily stress response.

Today, I hope to help you.



Download our audio program now.  Listen to it on your phone, tablet or
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What is Stress?


For our purposes, stress is a mental or emotional state triggered by life’s stressors that have significantly negative impacts on our lives. We can feel stress mentally, emotionally or physically, and it appears differently to different people. If you think about it, the way to avoid feeling the pain caused by stress is to not be stressed in the first place.


Learn What Causes Stress and How To Stop It


Things called “stressors” trigger stress in our minds. Stressors can include:

  • Spouses and Significant Others
  • Children
  • Parents
  • Family
  • Work
  • Money
  • School
  • World Affairs
  • and Thousands of Other Things

Everybody on the planet has stressors. The stressors that impact you are going to be different from someone else’s. Your ‘buttons’ are not my ‘buttons’

However, there is a common thread shared by all. If you can learn to control and eliminate your response to a stressor, you can in effect eliminate your stress.

Let’s talk about this further.




Download our audio program now. Listen to it on your phone, tablet or
computer (two MP3 files) and gain control over stress!

What Is Your Stressor?


As indicated above, a stressor is something that triggers a stress response in you.

For example, let’s assume you have a coworker, family member or friend. When you come into contact with this person, you immediately feel stressed out.

Simply coming into contact with them is the stressor that triggers the pain and stress in your life.

You need to avoid this.

I don’t mean avoid the person, but avoid the stressful response you feel when coming into contact with them.


Most of the time, we can’t completely avoid people.  For better or worse they are a part of our lives and here to stay.

Other people don’t induce the same stressful reaction in you. Something about this particular person is different.

Since you can’t avoid them, can you change them? No. Of course not.

However, you can change how you react to them.

You can change your response to the stressor.

By changing your response, you will not have a stressful reaction when you come into contact with this person. Wouldn’t that be nice?

This is what I do. I can teach you to change and control your stress response.

In less than one hour, the Control Stress Program will teach you how to break and eliminate stressful responses to various people and situations in your life.


The CTRL Stress Program Will Change Your Life…Today


The CTRL Stress program, used by more than 100,000 people nationwide, has effectively and quickly taught people how to eliminate the stressful responses in their lives, so situations don’t bother them any longer.

You can learn the program in less than one hour and your results will improve drastically over time.

We are going to be teaching you a skill that anybody can learn, guaranteed.


Learn to Control Stress with CTRL Stress in Less Than 60 Minutes, or Get Your Money Back


Unlike books and other information products that do not guarantee results, we do guarantee positive results beginning the first day.

In fact, we’re so confident in the results that we give you a 30-day money back guarantee.

If for some reason you don’t get the results you want just let us know and we will issue a full refund.


Receive the CTRL Stress Audio Program in Just Minutes


Once you register, you will receive full access to the control stress audio program.

Simply click the link to play on your computer or download the audio file for use on a computer, tablet, phone or any MP3player.

Listen to the audio program as often as you like and hone your skills.

The results can be miraculous.


For years, I was bombarded with stressors left and right. As an entrepreneur, I had immeasurable amounts of stress due to running my own business, trying to have a healthy relationship with my wife, and trying to make sure my kids were happy and healthy individuals.

It sounds so simple… but it was all so overwhelming! I was forced into a corner with my stress – not only was I unable to deal with any new stressors, but the responsibilities I was already carrying were slowly crumbling around me. I had two options: dump my responsibilities or deal with my stress

Dumping my responsibilities clearly wasn’t a realistic option for me. I’d spent years building my business to a place where I could finally support my family, and my wife and I were finally financially stable and able to begin doing productive things for ourselves and our future. Since I wasn’t willing to let anything go, I knew I had to figure out how to deal with the stress before it killed me.

This was when I began talking to professionals… I spent thousands of dollars on therapy and medications, that didn’t really give me any tools to solve my problem. Honestly, I would say my stress issues were just masked, and hiding just below the surface… ready to come out as soon as the medications waned.

This is not how I wanted to live… living a half-life of over-medication. A half-life where it felt everything was spiraling out of control. I had to do something, immediately.

The first thing I did was stop taking the medications. That was just masking what I was going through, and I felt I really need to feel what was going on, so I could counteract it.

The next thing I did was research. I delved into research journals. I discussed my issues at length with my priest. I talked to my doctor, my psychiatrist, even my optician. I talked to natural healers and monks. I talked to anyone who might remotely understand what I was going through, to anyone who might be able to help me.

It was then I found Bill Tehoy and the Control Stress Program.

It was with the information contained in Control Stress that I was FINALLY able to begin working on managing my stress. It was through this sixty-minute program that I found the real tools to control and manage my stress. What I’ve discovered is that you don’t need any medications at all, just a simple system to effectively manage and control stress. And Control Stress has empowered me to do just that!


End the Pain and Suffering of Stress in Less Than One Hour


Our students have been able to reduce and eliminate the effects of stress in less than one hour.

But don’t just take my word for it. Watch the videos of actual testimonials submitted by our clients below:



Download CTRLStress Now!


As you can see, the effects of the CTRLStress Audio Program are tremendous.

The skills that we teach are real and lasting.

In fact, the more that you use these skills, the better you will be at improving the quality of your life.

Download Control Stress Now!

If You Don’t Try This, What Will You Do?


Look, you have suffered long enough with stress.

It is a significant part of your life, or you would not be here.

If you do not take action today and download this program, what will you do?

Unless you take action, nothing will change!

Unless you do something to change the stress in your life, it will not go away.

No matter how out-of-control you may feel, the levels of anxiety you’re suffering, or the form of stress that is impacting you:

  • marital stress
  • stress from children
  • parental stress
  • caregiver stress
  • financial stress
  • stress on the job
  • coworker stress
  • stress at school
  • career choice stress

… or any other kind of stress …

You absolutely must take action today to eliminate that stress response and improve the quality of your life. Come-on…have some faith…try this program!…YOU ARE WORTH IT!!


Let us Eliminate That Stress Response with Our Unique 100% Guarantee


Not only are we confident that our program will help you, but we will put our money behind it. If you are not feeling great within 30 days, contact us for a refund. The audio program will be yours to keep. We trust in people and know that good people are honest, and the people that we help will not take advantage of us.  However, if you are concerned that this program may not work for you, we don’t want that to stand in the way of you improving your life.

So here is our offer to you:


Download CTRLStress Now Risk-Free


Download CTRLStress now, risk-free and use it for 30 days. Improve the quality of your life. Break that stress response to people, places or events. Massively improve the quality of your life. Feel better fast.

If this does not work for you simply contact us through our website, let us know, and we will issue you a refund. No one will call you to talk you out of it. No one will try to sell you anything else. Believe me, the last thing that I want to be is a source of stress in anybody’s life!

Download Control Stress Now!


On the Fence? Listen to Some of Our Testimonials


Whether you are 20 or over 80, it just doesn’t matter. The CTRLStress program will work for you. In fact, there are families that share it with their children. They learn the skills at a very young age to avoid stress. Whether testing, bullying, difficult teachers or other factors, children also face stress.

Teaching your kids how to deal with stress can improve the quality of their life well into adult-hood.


What to Expect in the CTRLStress Download

Download the CTRLStress program today. It will come to you as an MP3 file that you can download on your computer, smart phone or tablet. You can listen to it on any device at any time you choose.


Download our audio program now, listen to it on your phone, tablet or
computer (two MP3 files) and regain control over stress!

CAUTION: This is a Powerful Program NOT to be Listened to In a Car


This is a real word of caution. This is a very strong program that causes deep relaxation.

It is critical that you not listen to it in the car or while operating any sort of machinery.

Even if you are the passenger in the car, do not play it through the radio or Bluetooth as it will impact the other passengers in the car.

This program teaches a range of amazing relaxation techniques that break your stress response.

You should be at home in a safe and comfortable environment when learning this course. If you choose to listen at work or in other places, make sure that you are in a safe setting where you can relax comfortably without putting yourself or anyone else at risk.


Join 100,000 Others Who Have Taken the CTRLStress Training


Today you have the chance to join more than 100,000 others who have received the CTRLStress training.

With this, you will have the real chance to change the quality of your life today. This is not sales or marketing hype. It is simply a true statement.

We learn all sorts of skills in our lives-how to speak, how to write, how to cook, how to interact with others.

Yet we are never taught how to deal with stress. Once you learn to control your response to stress, you regain control over your life, your relationships and your happiness. Unless you are in control, you will never be happy.


Download our audio program now, listen to it on your phone, tablet or
computer (two MP3 files) and regain control over stress!

If You Do Not Download This Program, What Happens Next?


Too many people read information, think to themselves “this is a great idea, I will come back to this,” but never do.

How many opportunities have you missed in your life?

If you do not download this program today, how are you going to change your response to the stress and anxiety that impacts you today?

As Albert Einstein once said, “to do the same thing over and over expecting a different outcome is the definition of insanity.”

You are suffering from your stress response because you have been doing the same thing over and over.

Unless you change what you are doing, why would you expect anything to change?

Unless you do something different, why would you expect anything to be different?

Today is your chance to make a simple yet tremendous change in the life.


Invest Less Than 1 Hour of Your Time to Change Your Life Today


I challenge you to invest less than one hour of your time to change your life today. Think about that. Less than one hour!

What a tremendously short amount of time to invest in the most important thing that you have – your own health & well-being.

How much time do we waste watching sitcoms, randomly surfing the web or gossiping on social media?

How many more articles can you really read about Kim Kardashian?

Take less than one hour…FOR YOURSELF, and see how much you can improve the rest of your life.



Download our audio program now, listen to it on your phone, tablet or
computer (two MP3 files) and regain control over stress!

Download the Program Now, Learn It in 60 Minutes, and Master the Skills for a Lifetime


Download the program now and begin listening.

If you cannot listen now, that’s fine, just download it and listen to it later.

“Helped My Stress and Anxiety”

I am so glad I found this program! I appreciate the tips for coping with my anxiety as well as the information on resources I can use to educate myself on how to overcome my anxiety. This program works for me.

— Annie

“You’ve Help Me Care for My Mother”

CTRLSTRESS has made me able to deal with my stress and worry, allowing me to focus on caring for my mother.

— Susan

“You’ve Helped Me Sleep Again”

It’s nice to know that even if I wake up anxious at 2 AM I can use this skill and quickly go back to sleep! THANK YOU.

— Marie


Download our audio program now, listen to it on your phone, tablet or
computer (two MP3 files) and regain control over stress!


Make this small commitment to yourself right now.

We know people who live a stress-free life, and we often find ourselves envying them.

We wonder why everything is great for them and difficult for us.

They have simply developed the skills to deal with their stress response and can improve the quality of their own lives.

Now is your turn to develop those same skills and take command of your life.


“Lowered my Blood Pressure.”

CTRL Stress really helped me lower my blood pressure.  Thank you, Mr. Tehoy!

— Donna

“Helped Improve my Sales.”

This CTRLSTRESS program helped me make those cold calls.  Thank you for getting my business back on track!

— Shawn

“Thanks for Helping with Tests”

Now that I use CTRLSTRESS I do much better on tests.  Thank you!

— Pam

“Relieved My Stress in 20 Minutes.”

In one twenty minute session, I learned how to reduce stress almost instantly in the places my body holds it most. Thank you!

— Christine


I really liked the way the program was paced, it was quick and easy, but I never felt rushed and it WORKS!  Thank you for the help!

— Diana

Take the CTRLStress Program – Risk-Free – and See Immediate Impact

I hope you understand how hundreds of thousands of people have improved their lives using these techniques.

I look forward to teaching and sharing them with you.

At this point, all you have to do is click the link below to receive and download the CTRL Stress program.


Download our audio program now, listen to it on your phone, tablet or
computer (two MP3 files) and regain control over stress!

Once you have it, find a nice quiet spot without distractions and begin listening to the program.

Listen to it as often as you like. Learn to control and eliminate your stress response and massively improve your life today. Stop letting stress ‘push your buttons.’

I look forward to seeing you inside.

Yours in a stress-free life,