Welcome to CTRL Stress!

Welcome to CTRL Stress! I’m Bill Tehoy and I will be helping you learn to avoid stress in your every day life.

First, the me start off by congratulating you. By joining this program you realize that you do have the ability to control the stress in your life and how it impacts used. Millions suffer from stress, and stress can be reduced or eliminated using these proven techniques.

We cannot prevent events in your life from happening. What we can do is control how we react and internalize those events. Those events, called “stressors” can “push our buttons” and “stress us out.” Using the techniques in this program, we will teach you to break the association with those stressors and how to handle them in a way that removes the pain.

Along with this two-part audio program is our members only library of articles on stress, anxiety, weight loss, nutrition and other important factors in the quality of your life. As part of your membership, you have access to this information. This information library will continue to grow and help you in your everyday life.

In the coming months you will see new features added and we welcome your suggestions.

Again, congratulations on starting your own personal journey to improving the quality of your life. Give us one hour and we will teach you how to reduce or eliminate stress!

– Bill Tehoy