Focused Listening Means You Learn Faster

As humans, we only retain a certain percentage of what we hear. By engaging in “focused listening” we retain and internalize more of what we hear.

We want you to gain as much value as possible from this program. Therefore, we recommend a focused listening approach to this audio program.

What do we mean by this? Shut off all distractions. Televisions, cell phones and computers should be turned off. If the children are screaming or the dog is barking, this will be a distraction to you.

If you are unable to shut off the distractions, then you may want to wait and listen to this program at a later time in the day where you can focus.

This program is all about you. It is about helping you. It is about relieving your stress. It is about making your life better.

That said, if you do not think that you can get maximum value out of this program at this moment, simply wait until you are able to relax, focus and spend an hour on yourself.