Learn Even More Through Repetition

Repetition is the Key to Any Skill

Remember, once you have this program you can listen to it over and over again. Each time you will learn more information. You will internalize more techniques. You will gain more value. Just as a professional singer will practice a song she has some thousand times, you too can repeat this program to improve even further.

Listen for New Ideas

Each time you listen to this program you may learn a new idea or approach. While the program itself does not change, your skill and experience will give you a greater understanding of how to control stress. As that grows, you will learn more from the lessons taught. There may be subtleties and nuances that you do not internalize the first time that you listen. However, as you master the ability to control stress you will learn more and more.

We recommend using the program several times a week in the first weeks. Later you may want to listen to it once a week.

As you master your skills, you should return to the program once a month to continue to improve your skills and abilities at controlling stress.