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ATTENTION: Do You Know That Stress Affects Your Job, Relationships, Self-Esteem, and Can Even Shorten Your Life?



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RE: Stress Management

From: Bill Tehoy


Dear Stress Sufferer,

The world is filled unlimited stressors which make life hard to deal with.

Stressors that create undue havoc upon our personal well-being, and giving us a sense of agitation and unease going about our daily business.

It all starts with a pain in your shoulders, or a knot in your stomach, and then wells up into a general sense of panic and dread, ultimately stopping our progress entirely.


Unreasonable Deadlines
Children or Pregnancy
Unexpected Home and Car Maintenance
Sleep (Or Lack Thereof) 
Arguing With Your Spouse
Being Fired 
Personal Injury or Illness
… and the list goes on…

At first, stress may be a helpful.

Because it’s tied to our flight-or-fight response, it may increase our agility, or our ability to problem-solve, or our productivity.

Very quickly, however, stress turns from something that increases our perceptions and awareness to a debilitating reaction that causes major damage to our quality of life, mood, productivity, and personal relationships.

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Though the human body is designed to handle stress, it quickly becomes negative when you face continuous challenges without any relief or relaxation between stressful encounters.

As time goes on, stress-related tension builds up, until it becomes negative stress…

This negative stress is the stress that causes major damage to our systems, makes problems difficult to deal with, and makes our relationships suffer.

Every day, over 43% of all adults suffer from the side effects of bad stress.

In fact, its estimated that seventy-five to ninety percent of all doctors office visits directly stem from stress and its side effects.

This is because the negative stress is a long-term activation of the stress system, which causes your body to work in overdrive.

While your body is working in overdrive, it’s forced to constantly be on alert, and is in essence “turned on” all the time, with no relaxation for the various bodily functions.

The long-term activation of the stress system, when the flight-or-fight response remains “turned-on,” can disrupt almost all of your body’s processes, and this stress will create a mutltitude of long-term health problems, including:

High Blood Pressure
Upset Stomach
Chest Pain
Heart Problems
…and more

But stress doesn’t cause just one of these things to happen.

You may find, depending on your level of stress and how long you’ve been living a stressful life, that you suffer from two, three, or even four of these symptoms at one time.

And, as time goes on and these symptoms become more problematic, you’ll find your quality of life slipping through your fingers and that you have the inability to manage even small stressors… which, in turn, creates a higher stress level and more physical health problems.

This is the cyclical nature of stress.

This cyclical nature is why it’s so important to deal with the stressors and learn healthy ways to cope with them, otherwise these adverse side effects will literally eat away at your day-to-day life and happiness.

It’s not enough to just wait for the stress to go away….because it won’t. Stress is a natural human response to life’s little hiccups, and is meant for our overall well-being.

But, when we have continual stressors, it puts such a severe strain on our basic functions – our hearts, respiratory system, digestion, and even our sleep habits – that it becomes almost impossible to combat the stress alone.


Life isn’t about living with overwhelming stress.

Millions of people, all over the planet, have the tools to actively manage their stress and live a life free of constant unnerve… and you can too.

You don’t have to continue living with the overwhelm and dispair of stress.


Imagine going into work and being given a tight deadline. Imagine that instead of becoming paralysed, you have a method for dealing with the symptoms of stress and a plan to tackle that deadline… and then turning in your project ahead of time and with commendations from your superiors…
Imagine planning a last-minute surprise birthday party for your significant other, and managing all the little party-planning issues with grace and while maintaining a sense of ease and comfort…
Imagine arguing with your significant other, and being able to talk about the issues at hand without stressing out and wanting to run away, and even solve some problems without yelling or making things worse…
Imagine your child telling you that he has a major science project due the next day. Imagine that instead of stressing you and your child out, that you have the tools to complete the late-night science report with your child… without forcing your opinions on them and instead actually helping them to complete their own work…
Imagine going on vacation and losing your luggage without becoming a total stress-monster, and instead dealing with the loss calmly and maturely…
Imagine getting stuck in deadlock traffic, and not only not freaking out about being late, but taking proactive steps to manage your stress to other drivers AND being at work late…
Imagine being able to manage your stress without YEARS of expensive therapy or medications.. and be totally able to live a normal, healthy, stress-free life without extravagant costs or time commitments…


For thirty years, I’ve committed my life to helping people free themselves from stress. These are people from all walks of life, including:

Breast cancer support groups
The list goes on…

So many people just suffer through the pain of stress… but it just eats their lives away, gives them heart attacks, increased blood pressure, and decreases their quality of life.

It is because of this that I’ve dedicated my life’s work to helping people just like you solve their stress issues.

We’re all connected – how well a teacher deals with stress helps the student succeed, how a firefighter deals with stress determines the outcome of a house fire, how a worker deals with stress affects their children’s growth, and so on…

It’s imperative that we all live healthy lives – for our employers, for our families, and most of all for ourselves. We can’t live lives crippled with stress. If we do, we risk losing our jobs, our spouses, and most of all our day-to-day freedoms.

No one deserves to live like that.

It’s because of people just like yourself that I’ve dedicated my life to finding simple stress management techniques that everyone can use.


For years, I was bombarded with stressors left and right. As an entrepreneur, I had immeasurable amounts of stress due to running my own business, trying to have a healthy relationship with my wife, and trying to make sure my kids were happy and healthy individuals.

It sounds so simple… but it was all so overwhelming! I was forced into a corner with my stress – not only was I unable to deal with any new stressors, but the responsibilities I was already carrying were slowly crumbling around me. I had two options: dump my responsibilities or deal with my stress.

Dumping my responsibilities clearly wasn’t a realistic option for me. I’d spent years building my business to a place where I could finally support my family, and my wife and I were finally financially stable and able to begin doing productive things for ourselves and our future. Since I wasn’t willing to let anything go, I knew I had to figure out how to deal with the stress before it killed me.

This was when I began talking to professionals… I spent thousands of dollars on therapy and medications, that didn’t really give me any tools to solve my problem. Honestly, I would say my stress issues were just masked, and hiding just below the surface… ready to come out as soon as the medications waned.

This is not how I wanted to live… living a half-life of over-medication. A half-life where it felt everything was spiralling out of control. I had to do something, immediately.

The first thing I did was stop taking the medications. That was just masking what I was going through, and I felt I really need to feel what was going on, so I could counteract it.

The next thing I did was research. I delved into research journals. I discussed my issues at length with my priest. I talked to my doctor, my psychiatrist, even my optician. I talked to natural healers and monks. I talked to anyone who might remotely understand what I was going through, to anyone who might be able to help me.

It was then I found Bill Tehoy and the Control Stress Program.

It was with the information contained in Control Stress that I was FINALLY able to begin working on managing my stress. It was through this sixty-minute program that I found the real tools to control and manage my stress. What I’ve discovered is that you don’t need any medications at all, just a simple system to effectively manage and control stress. And Control Stress has empowered me to do just that!

As you can see, overcoming your stress doesn’t take a lot of work. You don’t have to spend hours at a therapist, or thousands on doctors and prescriptions. Instead, you just have to ‘take the bull by the horns,’ and implement proven techniques – all included in a one-hour exercise – to finally relieve yourself of stress and all it’s ailments, for good!



Get Control Stress – just $19.97

If you’re in a state of stress overwhelm, then you need real tools to manage your stress.

You need something that doesn’t just mask the stress, for it to come back at the most inopportune time.

Instead you need a tool that will effectively allow you to control your stress, so it doesn’t control you.

Control Stress is designed to help you get your life back… with no large commitment and no medications.

Instead, you’ll receive the tools to manage stressors due to:






checkand more!

It’s not enough to just take a pill.

This doesn’t solve your problem or alleviate your stress.

It just masks what you’re going through, and makes it harder to deal with the real issue the next time it crops up.

Control Stress is the single best tool to regain control of your life, without expensive therapy or medication!

Yes, I Want to Control Stress Now!

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The methods contained in Control Stress have totally changed my life – from a life where I dreaded getting up each morning into a life where I can actively control my stress.

I now meet all challenges head-on, without freezing up due to stress.. and you can too!


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Yes, I Want to Control Stress Now!

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Yes, I Want to Control Stress Now!

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Also included with Control Stress, you’ll get two remarkable stress control products that will continue to help you manage your stress and live a happy, healthy life!


How to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety from Your Life – $77 Value

You and I both know how devastating stress can be on your health. You need to learn how to cope with your surrounding stressors, so when the stress inevitably comes you’ll have an arsenal of tools at your disposal that will help you manage those stressors.

Included in this fantastic bonus for Control Stress to help you overcome your stress once and for all:

arrowThe difference between stress and anxiety – and how to manage BOTH without sacrificing your sanity

arrowAll about panic attacks – and how to deal with them when they come

arrowHow to use visualization to overcome stress – what works, what doesn’t, and how to tell the difference

arrowThe power of music – and using it to control your anxiety and stress

arrowand more!

Yes, I Want to Control Stress Now!


Anxiety & Depression 101 – $77 Value

arrowAnxiety – Everything You Need To Know!

arrowWhat is anxiety?

arrowWhat are the symptoms?

arrowHow does it feel to live with anxiety and what can be done to alleviate the symptoms of this mental condition, including all types of therapy as well as medications.

arrowDepression – Everything You Need To Know!

arrowWhat is depression and the causes?

arrowWhat are some theories on the causes of depression today?

arrowHow is depression clinically treated?

arrowWhat are some alternative treatments for depression?

arrowHow serious is chronic, severe depression?

arrowWhat are the symptoms?

Some of the things you will learn inside this guide….

Anxiety causes

Depression causes

Medical treatments for anxiety and depression

Alternative therapies

The future of treatments for these conditions

And a lot more!


Mismanaging stress can turn into a living hell — your own personal hell where the slightest change in schedule can totally destroy your day, where the slightest extra responsibility can quickly make you crumble.

You don’t have to live this way.

With Control Stress, you’ll receive tested, proven techniques to control stress, so you can again live a happy, healthy, and normal life.

Living a stress-free life will EMPOWER you to be more creative in your actions, make calculated risks, and accept responsibilities that may otherwise have fallen by the wayside.

Your friends will all say, “How DOES she do it all?”

And, you’ll just be able to smile, and show them Control Stress.

This is an absolute BARGAIN.

The information contained in Control Stress has been presented in workshops all over the country, helping thousands of people just like yourself.

The difference is each of these people that attended the workshop paid $80 for this knowledge.

You’re getting this for a fraction of that workshop price tag, along with How to Eliminate Stress and Anxiety from Your Life, an $77 value, and Anxiety & Depression 101, which is another $77 value.

You can’t afford NOT to use these techniques!



This two-year guarantee speaks volumes toward the integrity of the information contained herein.


Yes, I Want to Control Stress Now!

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Best of success,


Bill Tehoy

P.S. You can’t afford to let stress cripple your life anymore! Purchase today to FINALLY start helping yourself!

P.P.S. The two-year guarantee ensures your satisfaction!

P.P.P.S. Stop letting stress control your life! Only YOU have the power to change, and these tools will be your ticket to living a stress-free life!


Yes, Bill! I want…

“I understand that by acting today I’m getting proven techniques to manage my stress permanently.

I’m ready to begin managing my stress and living the full life that I deserve, free from the crippling pain of stress!

It is on that basis that I am clicking the secure order button below and entering my credit card details this instant!”

Yes, I Want to Control Stress Now!

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