Stress – How Stress Affects You and How to Change It

Stress Affects Different People in Different Ways

What causes stress for one individual may have no effect on someone else.

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The consensus, however, is that many people are being affected by stress and need relief from it. We will be taking a brief look at why people get stressed and how to deal with it.

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Stress – Why You Get It, How To Deal With It

What Is Stress?

One definition of stress is that it is physical and emotional strain experienced by the body and brought on by external stimuli.

Why Do You Get It?

People suffer from stress due to a variety of reasons. Despite what many people believe, it does not only stem from things considered to be bad. A pregnancy or an upcoming wedding are prime examples. There are some things, however, that do seem to universally cause stress, and we will now look at some of these.

Our Jobs

Many people suffer from stress because of their jobs. In addition to some jobs being naturally stressful, co-workers, customers, harassment and job security may all play a part in bringing on stress.

Health Reasons

Ironically, people also end up suffering from stress because of health reasons. The individual concerned about being overweight, for example, is a possible candidate for stress. The stress can cause additional health issues, creating a vicious health-stress cycle. In addition to this, having a family member with severe health issues can be as stressful as concern over one’s own well-being.

Our Relationships

Relationship issues are another common cause of stress. Conflict, and by extension stress, often arises between individuals when they have any kind of regular interaction. Family, work, and personal/marital relationships all play their part in contributing to stress.

How To Deal With Stress

To deal with stress, you must do two things:

  1. Break the stressful connection with certain events and things that produce stress
  2. Learn to reduce and eliminate the effects of stress when you experience stressful situations

After identifying the source of the stress, it can be managed. There are several ways of dealing with stress, and they come under the broad heading of stress management. Here are a few.

Break the Association with Stress

Whether it is a test, dinner with the in-laws or a doctor’s visit, we all associate certain events with stress. We become nervous, anxious and suffer stress in anticipation of the event. In our audio program, we teach you how to break that association, those situations no longer become stressful.

Learn To Decrease Stress

Some things in life we have no control over and will give rise to stress. How you handle that stress makes all the difference. In our audio program, we teach you how to deal with the stressful situations so you can reduce and eliminate the impact of the stress. These are techniques anyone can learn in under one hour.

Live a Better Life

Once you learn to break the associations and impact of stress, your life improves massively. As it does, you think more clearly and make better decisions. You enter into fewer stressful situations and further improve your own well-being.

Don’t let stress control you. Take control of stress now.