Causes of Stress – Identifying Them and Stopping Them

Causes of stress, surprisingly, are not confined to what most people believe are bad things.

On the contrary in fact, it has been found that even things considered good, such as an impending wedding or a pregnancy, can give rise to stress. Before briefly examining a few of what are considered typical causes of stress, perhaps it would prove helpful to give a definition of stress. There are various definitions of stress but one that is generally accepted is that it is the body’s mental and physical response to things or events arising from mental or bodily tension.


A major source of stress in the lives of many people is their job. With the global recession on and businesses trying to remain viable, cutting of jobs is one avenue taken for reducing costs. Worrying about the security of their jobs and how they will survive if made unemployed is one of the causes of stress for many individuals. The actual type of job too will have an impact on one’s stress level, as some come ready-made with stress. The jobs of Corporate Executives and Firefighters for example, are considered filled with stress – while those of Forklift Operators and Janitors are believed to be fairly stress-free.


Another of the typical causes of stress is relationships. When human beings interact with each other, it is inevitable that at some point conflicts will arise, which can result in stress. These relationships can be in the form of marriage partners, family, friends, co-workers and even people you meet for the very first time. It must be noted that not every conflict causes stress and not every human interaction involves conflict.

Financial Concerns

Finances is one more of the common causes of stress. No one likes to live with the uncertainty of not knowing how they will be providing for themselves or their family in the future. People are often overcome by feelings of agitation and depression when they find themselves in such situations, and will often complain of being “stressed out.” When one has mortgage and car payments due and there are no funds to make the payments, it is only natural to expect one’s stress level to rise.


Our families can also constitute another of the major causes of stress in our lives. There are always things going on with them, such as school issues, marriage issues, or a loved one passing away. All these have the potential to create stress. Even what on the face of it would appear a simple issue like buying Christmas gifts can result in a surprisingly large amount of stress.

Causes of Stress with Health Issues

No one needs to be told of the effects ill health can have on the mental and physical well being of an individual. This is yet another of the causes of stress which holds some prominence. Knowing or suspecting that you, or a close family member may have cancer, can bring on a serious bout of worrying which will take its toll on your mind and body. There is good and bad stress, but this could not be categorized as one of the good ones. Concern about being overweight is another health related issue, which for a lot of individuals, are causes of stress. The above list of some of the causes of stress is by no means exhaustive and everyone has his or her own causes of stress in life. The saying “to be forewarned is to be forearmed” is applicable here. Having knowledge of what causes stress is a vital tool in the fight against stress, because if we are prepared we will know what to avoid and how to cope with those causes of stresses we can’t avoid.

Control Stress

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