Stress at Work – Dealing with the Pain

Stress at work can seriously jeopardize your health and well-being.

Despite stress in small, infrequent doses being considered helpful in strengthening and motivating people, too much stress is detrimental to your overall wellness. Stress at work can be particularly challenging, as people have less control over the office environment.

Many people face job stress at work because they do not have the luxury of choosing where their workstation is located, their working hours, or the customers and co-workers with whom they interact. There are also other factors which account for stress in the workplace and these include, but are not limited to job insecurity, workplace culture, harassment and the demands of high performance.

Stress At Work – 5 Tips To Take The Edge Off

Deep Breathing

One way of tackling stress in the workplace is to take a few slow, deep breaths every once in a while. Breathing in via the nose and holding one’s breath for a few seconds before exhaling through the mouth, will leave behind a calming effect. Nobody has to know, and you can do this practically anywhere.

Confide In Someone

Sharing your concerns with another person, be it a trusted co-worker, relative or spouse, can help ease the burden of job stress. The mere act of bouncing your thoughts off of another individual and having a listening ear will lighten your load considerably. Bottling it up inside makes it likely that one day the lid may pop in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Take Your Breaks to Reduce Stress at Work

When it is lunch time, or time for any other breaks no matter how small, do take them. Getting away from your workstation locale and taking a break, even if it is for a few minutes to get a drink of water, has beneficial effects on stress at work. Use some of this time to get your mind off of work, squeeze a stress ball or fool around with a crossword puzzle or Rubiks cube. Listening to a relaxation program during your break can change your entire outlook on your day and reduce your stress at work.

Keep Work Area Uncluttered

Believe it or not this next issue does have a significant impact on productivity and stress in the workplace. The saying that chaos breeds chaos is entirely true. An organized, clean and tidy workspace is preferable to one that is not. It is difficult to be comfortable working in an environment that is messy and dirty. Incidentally, noise may add to the chaos at the workplace too.

Work On Time Management Skills

One way of preventing and reducing work related stress in the workplace is to improve on our time management skills. No matter how great we may think our time management skills currently are, there are things you can do to reduce stress at work. Trying to pack too much into one day, not taking breaks in between tasks, not prioritizing, and not properly balancing home, social and work activities, can prove disastrous and bring on job stress.

There will be some stress at work that is inherent with the job, and over which you will have no control. In cases like these, it is advised not to waste time or energy contemplating them, as that will solve nothing and waste the time that you could be using to simply complete the task at hand. However, if you apply the tips mentioned above to the other forms of stress in the workplace you will be effectively tackling and taking the edge off of stress at work.

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