Stop Stress and Anxiety

Stress and anxiety, individually, are formidable challenges for any one person to face.

When the two are present at the same time though, it is only reasonable to expect that you will be in for a sizeable amount of discomfort. What may cause stress for one individual may have no effect whatsoever on someone else.

The challenges are not insurmountable however, as there are ways of successfully coping with these conditions of stress and anxiety.

Stress And Anxiety – How To Cope

What Is Stress, And What Is Anxiety?

Stress is defined as emotional and physical strain brought on in response to external stimuli. Common reactions to stress are breathlessness, palpitations, headaches, difficulty in sleeping and loss of appetite. Anxiety is the body’s way of responding to what it perceives as a threat or danger. This response is best described as a feeling of apprehension. The source of the uneasiness may be unknown, which only serves to compound the feeling of distress.

Relationship Between Stress And Anxiety

Pinning down the differences between stress and anxiety is not an easy task, as the line between the two is somewhat blurred. It is said that stress can stem from situations that make you angry or frustrated. Anxiety is considered a normal reaction to that stress. Despite the uncertainty one thing is for sure, stress and anxiety both have common symptoms and can be tackled in pretty much the same way. Signs of affliction shared by both include headaches, muscle tension and difficulty in sleeping.

Coping With Stress And Anxiety

As mentioned above, people suffering from stress and anxiety display symptoms that are similar. As a result of this, the methods of treating both are similar. While we may not be able to completely avoid stress and anxiety, there are steps we can take to cope. The first step is to identify the source of the stress and anxiety. Failure to do this could result in the conditions not getting treated at all because of a wrong diagnosis.

Get A Massage

The aches and pains associated with stress and anxiety may be alleviated if a massage is administered. The massage has the effect of increasing the flow of blood to the skin and muscles and relieving muscle tension.

Get Sufficient Rest

If the body is worn out and tired it will be in no condition to fend off attacks from stress and anxiety. It is therefore important to get proper rest or sleep so that the body will be in top condition to meet the challenges thrown at it by stress and anxiety.

Listen To Soothing Music

Find some music that soothes you and listen to it for a while. There is a difference between music that soothes you and music you enjoy, although in some cases they may be one and the same. This type of music will have the effect of calming you down and making you feel at peace. Because stress and anxiety adds some spice and a feeling of excitement to their lives, some people could not imagine living without it. However, when stress and anxiety get unmanageable, your health, and ultimately your life, could be in jeopardy.

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